Top 50 Greatest Vols in Tennessee Football History

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Aug 23, 2014; Bristol, TN, USA; The University of Tennessee band performs before the Irwin Tools night race at Bristol Motor Speedway. Mandatory Credit: Randy Sartin-USA TODAY Sports

Tennessee football history is loaded with numerous All-Americans and NFL stars. Here are the top 50 players ever to put on a UT helmet for the Volunteers.

Welcome to one of the toughest tasks ever.

With the incredible history of Tennessee football, it is almost impossible to narrow the number of players down to the 50 greatest ever.

A football program that has produced 72 All-Americans, 39 Pro-Bowlers, and a plethora of NFL talent on top of a group of leaders to lead the school to 13 SEC Championships, six national championships, and more than 800 wins en route to being one of the 10 winningest teams in college football history makes for a lot of great talent to pick from.

So how do you pick the 50 greatest players in school history?

In ranking them, there was no magic formula or exact criteria. The legacy the player left, the impact he had on the field with the program, the team success he helped facilitate, and the success he had at the next level of football are all factors that came into play.

Again, some things could matter more than others depending on the player. For instance, a player who racked up stats could have simply benefitted from the talent around him, and his NFL career could be evidence for that.

At the same time, a player who had a very successful NFL career may not be on the list because, despite his success at the pro level, he did not perform in college. The player did not have to have pro success to be on this list either, but it was a factor.

Every player’s analysis was unique.

So, with everything taken into account, here are the Top 50 greatest players in Tennessee football history.

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