Tennessee football: Ranking Vols 4 spring practice position changes by potential impact

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Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

Four Tennessee football players have changed positions to kick off spring practice. Here is how those changes rank by potential impact on the Volunteers.

When Jeremy Pruitt took over as Tennessee football head coach, we knew some position changes were coming. That was only natural considering the personnel attrition, the switch away from a 4-3 defense and the move to a pro-style offense.

Add in the fact that he evaluates talent in a completely different way than Butch Jones does, and the upcoming changes were obvious. Taking all this into account, it’s actually surprising he only changed four positions for the spring.

However, so many injuries and guys being held out are probably the reason for that. Pruitt also has a decent but not great recruiting class coming in and a collection of transfers, all of which are more likely to have guys he specifically wants for his system.

Still, the position changes Pruitt and his staff did employ on the program were actually significant. With spring practice underway, we are getting an idea of how significant they are.

In this post, we are going to break down what type of effect each of these changes could have on the Tennessee football program. Using the information we have so far, this is a bit difficult to do.

Our position changes don’t include something like a guard trying out at tackle. Also, with the change in defensive scheme, there are likely to be more edge rushers. However, that makes defensive end and outside linebacker a bit interchangeable, so we’re not going to consider a move from one to another a position change.

This post puts a focus on significant shifts. So let’s break down where those are and how they can change the Vols’ personnel outlook for the Fall. Here is our ranking of the four Tennessee football spring practice position changes by potential impact.

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