Kenneth Bynum Will Sign With Tennessee

Sources are now reporting that linebacker Kenneth Bynum has chosen to sign with Tennessee. Josh Ward of Mr. SEC reporting. 

This ultimately completes the Vols class of 2012. Bynum was the sole holdout the Vols were pursuing after signing day. The Jacksonville, Fl native had originally committed to play at Cincinnati until Tennessee entered the picture the week before signing day. The Vols had lost two linebacker commitments in Dalton Santos (to Texas) and Otha Peters (to Arkansas). It was at that point Dooley began to pursue Bynum.

Bynum is 6’0” 220 lbs and has some speed. His commitment bolsters the Vols LB recruits which had shrunk to one after the departures. This rounds out the Vols targets for 2012. Bynum will likely redshirt next season but look for him to make an impact in the future.


    Santos Dead! Peters Dead! Marmalard Dead! Niedermeyer…Dead!

    But seriously, glad to have this young man. And glad he took his time and made the best decision for him.

    Do you really think he’s going to red shirt? Our need is so great at LB that Fugatte is moving back isn’t he? I’d think we need all hands on deck this season?

    • Sam Scott

      @THEKID_ Animal House. Well Played. I still think he will redshirt. We have a plethora of linebackers. I may be wrong, but I think he redshirts.