Peyton Manning Is Not a Colt, What is He?


The Colts are expected to announce today that they will be releasing Peyton Manning after 14 years in Indianapolis.

They were set to pay Manning a $28 million dollar option on Thursday which would keep Manning in Indy for 4 more years. But with Manning’s health in question, and the fact that the Colts have the #1 overall pick (aka Andrew Luck), Indianapolis decided it was time to move on.

During his tenure in Indy, Peyton led the Colts to two Super Bowls, they won in 2006 and lost to the Saints in 2009. The Cols won the AFC South 7 times under Manning was named MVP 4 times.

The big question is, where will he go next? Here are the possibilities:

Arizona Cardinals – Kevin Kolb hasn’t panned out like the Cardinals envisioned. Rather than pay Kolb the 7 million he is owed, Arizona could make the move to bring Manning to Arizona. Manning to Fitzgerald sounds like a match made in Fantasy Football heaven.

Kansas City Chiefs – The Chiefs have already concluded the Matt Cassel is not the solution in Kansas City. Romeo Crennel has said he would “entertain” Manning if the possibility were open.

Miami Dolphins – Miami is completely restructuring their program after firing coach Tony Sporano last season. There are building blocks for success with key talents such as Brandon Marshall and Reggie Bush. A proven quarterback would only boost the team moving foreword. Will Peyton take his talents to South Beach?

Washington Redskins – No one really knows who the Redskins quarterback is, it changes on an almost daily basis. Some stability at the position would be nice, and Manning could provide that in Washington.

Seattle Seahawks – The Seahawks don’t have a quarterback. Tavaris Jackson is not the answer. By default, the Seahawks need a quarterback, and Manning is available, so why not go after a 4-time MVP?

San Francisco 49’ers – Alex Smith is solid but is he the quarterback that can get you over the hump and into the Super Bowl? I don’t think so. Smith is set to be a free agent this year which would give the 49’ers plenty of justification to go after Manning. We know the 49’ers have a great foundation for success, Manning could be the catalyst for something huge.

It’s up in the air right now, I honestly couldn’t give you an answer I have any faith in, but for the sake of guessing, I see Peyton going to Miami. It’s a classic program, there’s plenty of talent down there, the Dolphins need to find a way to sell seats, and most importantly they need a quarterback. Plus, if Peyton goes to Miami, we’ve got Manning vs. Brady twice a year.