BREAKING NEWS: Da’rick Rogers Transferring?


A Georgia State beat writer for has “confirmed” per his own words, that Da’rick Rogers will in fact transfer to Georgia State next season. Here’s the tweet:

When asked about the news, Tennessee coach Derek Dooley replied, “Nobody told me that.”

Rogers status with the team has been in question since the end of the season. Dooley described him as currently “not with the team,” but also not suspended. Dooley stated that Rogers had some issues to work out on his own.

Chris Hillyard, the beat writer, has since stated that he has sources in UT’s Athletic Department that implied that Da’rick wouldn’t be back next season. When asked to comment on the situation, Rogers said that Georgia State is the only place he would consider.

Tennessee plays Georgia State on September 8th in Neyland, and if this story is true, Rogers would be eligible to play.

Personally, I dont think this is true, this would be shocking if it is. The fact that this guy has no confirmation on his source and that Dooley has no clue leads me to question this.

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