2014 Tennessee Volunteers Recruiting: Catching Up With Stanton Truitt


Nov 10, 2012; Knoxville, TN, USA; A general view of the Tennessee Volunteers logo on the field prior to the game against the Missouri Tigers at Neyland Stadium. Missouri defeated Tennessee 51-48 in quadruple overtime. Mandatory Credit: Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

The Tennessee Volunteers have targeted 2014 recruit Stanton Truitt, an athlete from Monroe, Georgia. Truitt stands 5’10” and weighs 180 lbs. He runs a 4.32 40-yard dash and 10.5 in the 100m. If you are wondering how hard he works in the weight room he benches 315 lbs and squats 450 lbs. Earlier this month, after a day at school, Truitt came home and was told by his father to go check the mail. When he got to the mail box he found it stuffed with letters from colleges around the nation, but to his surprise 102 of the letters were from The University of Tennessee.

Anyone can clearly see Butch Jones and staff have aimed to do whatever it takes to get Truitt’s attention. Vol fans know all too well that Tennessee has missed out on some great players in the past due to the lack of attention and effort from former Head Coach Derek Dooley. That is one mistake coach Butch Jones will not make with Tennessee. Late Monday night Stanton took the time to give me and call and talk about his recruiting and Tennessee.

Jonah: Who are your top three interests?

Stanton: I don’t really have a top three. I’ve just been going to visit every school, checking out the beneficial things at each school you know the pros and cons. As far as all of the schools so far I really like Tennessee.

Jonah: Have you received any more letters from Tennessee?

Stanton: I have received a couple more letters from Tennessee, usually every day there is something in the mail to keep my mind on the Vols, and all the coaches just showing lots of love. Thats a really good thing it shows a lot about the coaches and Tennessee.

Jonah: What coaches have you spoken to so far?

Stanton: Yes, I have spoken to all of them actually. When I visited the first spring practice I had a good long talk with Coach Martinez, Coach Z, and Coach Thigpen. I also talked to Coach Jones for a while as well. So I pretty much have talked to all of them and have got a like for them all.

Jonah: Have you established a strong relationship with any of the Coaches at Tennessee?

Stanton: All of them, I know I talk to Coach Martinez and Coach Z on a daily basis. I talk to Coach Cody Kempt I believe he is a GA we talk a lot as well about everything. He is a really cool guy to talk to if I ever need anything or someone to talk to as well

Jonah: Do you plan to visit Tennessee again soon?

Stanton: Definitely, I am going to try and make it to the Orange and White game, but it all just depends on my dad he has a busy schedule as well. We will work everything out and hopefully thats the time I’ll get to come and visit again.

Jonah: Has any other school showed you as much attention as Tennessee has?

Stanton: There has been a couple, I have talked a lot with West Virginia, Akransas, Florida, Kentucky and Vandy as well.

Jonah: How do you feel about the rule change about unlimited contacting starting August 1st?

Stanton: I mean its beneficial in some ways and I know in some ways it will be distracting. It is a good thing though, I know the everyday life of a teenager with school and other stuff going on, it’s a good thing they can actually text or call us and make it a day to day thing. The bad thing though, it’s going to be hard getting back to all the coaches, you want to be sure to keep the relationships going and not make anyone feel different. So I think it will be beneficial in a some ways.

Jonah: Before Butch Jones became Head Coach did you have any interest or contact with Tennessee?

Stanton: No contact. I have liked them for awhile, watching Eric Berry play growing up and I’ve play against his brothers a couple of times. Tennessee is a great place! Especially after I visited and got to see Neyland Stadium, the fan base is amazing. Everything is different and better than i thought it would be.

2014 Tennessee Volunteers recruiting.