Butch Jones Squashes Alternate Helmet Rumor

Almost every season, there are various alternate Vols uniforms and helmets that float around Twitter and other social media platforms.

For example:

But if you’re anxiously awaiting an alternate helmet this season, you’re out of luck. Vols head coach Butch Jones put an end to all of the helmet rumors on Wednesday evening.

That will certainly make the traditionalists happy.

By the way, Tennessee did make a small update to their helmet for the 2014 season.

It’s worth noting, however, that Jones only ruled out an alternate helmet for this season. I still think an alternate helmet next season (when the Vols will switch to Nike) is unlikely, but Jones definitely left the door open.

The Vols have avoided doing anything too crazy with their uniforms. I think that’s a trend you’ll continue to see.

And besides, the Vols went 0-2 in their alternate uniforms last season. Perhaps Vol fans should be clamoring for Tennessee to use the all-orange jerseys that were used when the Vols beat South Carolina last season.