Vols Practice Notes: Scrimmage and Depth Chart Notes


Vols junior wide receiver Marquez North runs through a drill with wide receivers coach Zach Azzanni during Saturday’s practice and scrimmage. PHOTO: Nathanael Rutherford

For the first time this spring, the media was able to glean some information from a football scrimmage. The Vols were in Neyland Stadium around lunchtime on Saturday, and the weather conditions were perfect for some spring football.

The Vols ran through their usual drills to begin the practice session, but their 5th and final open period saw the 1st-team offense and defense alternate with the 2nd-team offense and defense in a scrimmage from midfield.

Saturday’s scrimmage not only showcased some of the talents of some new players, but it also allowed us to get our first glimpse of a rough depth chart through 2 weeks of spring practices. Keep in mind, however, that these are not etched in stone and a spring depth chart will definitely change by the time fall camp is underway.

Here are some notes from today’s practice:

  • While there were some obvious players on the 1st team offense (such as Josh Dobbs and Marquez North), there were some players to note on there for the Vols as well. The 1st-team offensive linemen were Kyler Kerbyson, Austin Sanders, Mack Crowder, Jashon Robertson, and Brett Kendrick, but those are subject to change at any time. Cody Blanc was a 1st-team receiver, and Alvin Kamara took snaps as the lead running back.
  • LaDarrell McNeil, Malik Foreman, Kenny Bynum, and Dimarya Mixon were some notables on the 1st-team defense to start the scrimmage. Bynum appears to have the early lead in the battle at the middle linebacker position this spring.
  • The 2nd-team offense had Josh Malone and Josh Smith as the primary wide receivers along with Johnathon Johnson out there as well. Dontavius Blair was notably on the 2nd-team offensive line. Quinten Dormady was the 2nd-team quarterback for today’s scrimmage.
  • Evan Berry was a 2nd-team safety, and Chris Weatherd was in the mix at 2nd-team linebacker. Charles Mosley is getting a look at defensive tackle first, and he was on the 2nd-team defensive line.
  • The 1st-team offense scored on their first drive on 4th down on the goal line and were stopped on 3rd down on their second. The 2nd-team offense threw an interception on their first drive and added an Aaron Medly field goal on their second drive.
  • And for those of you wondering, “3rd Down For What” was played on every 3rd down scenario during practice today, so that new tradition is here to stay another season.


The very first offensive series displayed the play-making ability of Tennessee’s offense. Alvin Kamara took a hand-off on the 2nd play and appeared to be stopped close to the sideline. Somehow, Kamara found space and ran it for another 30 or so yards down the sideline, eluding tacklers along the way. The offense was then able to score on 4th down from the goal line on another Kamara hand-off.

Quinten Dormady showed some good zip on the ball today, but his first drive with the 2nd-team offense showed his accuracy still needs some work. On 3rd down, Dormady threw a ball close to the sideline that ended up being intercepted. Dormady also showed off his wheels a bit on a run up the middle.

Speaking of that interception, the player who picked it off was none other than Evan Berry. On the previous play, Berry laid a huge hit on Johnathon Johnson on a screen play that prevented him from gaining additional yardage. Berry then made an athletic play to come up with the interception on the very next play.

There wasn’t much to really judge them on, but the Vols’ offensive line looked a little more consistent during the scrimmage than they did during practices last season. Part of that may be due to a depleted defensive line, but there are still plenty of quality pass rushers that the difference was at least somewhat notable.