10 Drinks that Would be Perfect Tennessee Vols Cocktails

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1. Tennessee Death Trap

We have to go all out for the No. 1 drink, but before you even consider trying this, we start by saying that All for Tennessee bears no responsibility for your decisions on how to handle this.

This is an All for Tennessee recipe that fits perfect for the school’s signature cocktail. Stir all of these things together, and you will have a perfect drink that will be much more impressive than you can see on paper. However, use extreme caution when drinking this.

Here is the recipe:

1 part Jack Daniel’s Whiskey

1 part Original Pickers Vodka

2 parts Ghost River Golden Ale

6 Parts Freshly Squeezed Orange Lemon Juice

This is the way to bring in the whole state. We take Memphis and Nashville to get the two major cities represented, and then we obviously bring in East Tennessee with the Jack Daniel’s, which also is representative of the whole state more than anything else.

The Ghost River Golden Ale is a light enough beer that it will help chase the taste of the whiskey and vodka, and it will not add some weird funky taste to it. In fact, it could bring in some flavor.

Add in the freshly squeezed orange lemon juice, and you’ve got a heavy drink that makes for a solid cocktail. This is obviously not for those looking to watch their figure. This is for those looking for a good taste and ready to have fun.

The drink as a whole has a summer twist to it, but it is more meant for the Fall and late October into November. However, you can go with it any time. This is a brilliant concoction that will have a spike in its taste, and you don’t want to miss it.

So give it a shot. Just be incredibly careful when you do.

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