10 Drinks that Would be Perfect Tennessee Vols Cocktails

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10. All for Tennessee’s Sunny Day

The actual recipe for this drink can be found on the George Dickel website here. But hey, why not add a bit more high-end alcohol to the mix? Right?

Here is our recipe:

2 Parts George Dickel No. 12 Whiskey

1 Part Club Soda

3/4 Parts Lemon Juice

1/2 Parts Simple Syrup

1/2 Parts Lilikoi Syrup

This is a great summer drink and perfect for those early September games at Neyland Stadium to sip on before the game. George Dickel is obviously a very historic Tennessee based whiskey that dates back to 1877 and would be part of any Tennessee Whiskey Trail. Obviously, you have to include it in any Tennessee Vols cocktails list.

This drink would be a perfect mix with whiskey and lemon juice, and the different syrups would make it just fruity and sweet enough for anybody to enjoy. Adding our own amount of alcohol to it just does its job to drown out the sweet flavor that would come otherwise because too much sweetness can give you a headache.

Replace it with just more alcohol.

This needs to have a half orange wheel and a cherry added at the top for decoration, and it will also add even more flavor to the drink. So give it a shot early in the year, particularly if you have a girlfriend not that into football that you are trying to get to understand your passion for the Vols.

Two of these would have her ready to walk into the stadium and make a moment she would never forget. Of course, that’s only if you keep it at two.

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