10 Drinks that Would be Perfect Tennessee Vols Cocktails

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Mar 9, 2014; Duluth, GA, USA; Tennessee Lady Volunteers fans shown during the game against the Kentucky Wildcats during the first half at The Arena at Gwinnett Center. Mandatory Credit: Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

6. Prichard’s Tennessee Twister

We’ve got whiskey, wine, tequila, and moonshine in the mix so far. Time to throw in a little bit of rum for some flavor.

Prichard’s Tennessee Twister takes you to Middle Tennessee with the perfect blend of rum and drink mixers. This Kelso and Nashville based distillery brings in a bit of high-class, aristocratic, southern sophistication with it that those fancy Nashville people could appreciate.

Information on other recipes and this one could be found here. But here are the simple instructions for this recipe:

1 and 1/2 part Prichard’s Fine Rum

1/2 part Triple Sec

A splash of Sweet and Sour Mix

A Slice of lime at the top

Once again, you are dealing with a dangerous drink here, as the rum and the triple sec will undoubtedly make this a strong drink. It will also be sweet and sour, without the mix, which will give you that perfect Caribbean flavor with some southern sophistication.

This seems like something that would be right up Kenny Chesney’s alley.

Still, despite the sophistication, you only need one drink of this if you do not want to become a complete mess. So drink this slowly.

This is one to sip under an Tennessee Vols tailgate umbrella in a relaxing chair. It would be perfect for the members of the Vol Navy and anybody who takes a boat on the Tennessee River before the games.

They all could just lay out on their boats and sip this drink as if they are on a cruise in the Islands. Now that would be entertaining.

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