Tennessee Basketball: Top Three Vols Players in 75-63 Loss to TCU Horned Frogs

Tennessee basketball was embarrassed against the TCU Horned Frogs Saturday, and very few players performed. Here are the top three Volunteers from the game.

When you lose to the worst team by far in the Big 12, it is hard to find players worthy of any kind of recognition. Such is the case with the Tennessee Vols after their 75-63 loss to the TCU Horned Frogs, in which they blew another second-half lead after taking a 41-27 lead into halftime.

Once again, atrocious three-point shooting in the second half was the issue, as the Vols were 0-for-15 from beyond the arc in the second half despite open looks and going 8-for-16 in the first half.

Their transition defense also was awful and helped them allow 48 points in the second half.

And this team could not stop fouling in this game, with one player fouling out and two more finishing with four fouls. Nonetheless, some players gave everything they had.

Here are the top three Vols who performed in their loss to the TCU Horned Frogs in Fort Worth.


Kyle Alexander

Forward, Freshman

A 6’9″ freshman, Kyle Alexander was forced to see 31 minutes in the game due to the fact that so many players got into foul trouble. And while he only had four points, he picked up 11 rebounds and six blocks.

Alexander made all the hustle plays for the Vols in this game. It does not matter that he was 1-for-5 from the field in this game considering the fact that so many of the Vols were even worse. So the fact that he was so great off the ball means that he deserves recognition.


Armani Moore

Forward, Senior

He got into foul trouble early and eventually fouled out, but despite the ticky-tack calls the refs made all night, Armani Moore did what he could to help carry the Vols. He did score 10 points on 4-for-10 shooting, and he picked up seven rebounds and six assists.

Was it a great night? No, especially with him joining the rest of the team in an inability to play transition defense or create opportunities for the offense out of their half court sets. But he was one of the best of the worst, so he gets to be on here.


Kevin Punter

Guard, Senior

No surprise here, Kevin Punter was the star of the show for the Vols in this game. He was 9-for-19 from the field, and despite going only 3-for-11 from the three-point line, he still deserves credit for putting up 24 points for Tennessee and keeping them in the game.

He also kept his turnovers total down to two, which is a huge deal, and the ball movement of Tennessee wasn’t so bad when they had the ball on offense, even as they started to miss everything from three. Punter was still the best player on the court, as he usually is for the Vols, so he’s being recognized here.