Tennessee Football: Vols Deserve All the Trash Talk They Get from Florida Gators


Tennessee football is receiving lots of shots from the Florida Gators. The Volunteers deserve all of it until they prove they can beat them.

For a guy who seems to always imply his school owns Tennessee, Florida Gators cornerback Jalen Tabor seems to have an odd obsession with trolling the Vols.

Earlier this offseason, Tabor predicted that this year the Gators would win 12 straight, trashed experts who picked the Vols to win the East for a second year in a row, and trolled Peyton Manning for never beating Florida.

That sparked a war of words between him and Jalen Hurd.

Well, Tabor did it again with teammate Quincy Wilson Sunday night as the Cleveland Cavaliers got blown out by the Golden State Warriors in Game Two of the NBA Finals.

Wilson replied with this laugh.