Florida CB Jalen Tabor Retweets Excuse for His Pathetic Play vs Vols

Jalen Tabor has a pathetic excuse for getting embarrassed on a 67-yard touchdown pass that gave the Tennessee Volunteers the lead over the Gators.

He did all that talking during the offseason. Jalen Tabor called the Vols chokers in the fourth quarter, guaranteed that they would win the game multiple times, and talked about how Florida owned Tennessee.

For at least a half, he appeared to be backing up his talk.

But his secondary, which he and others have called the best in the country, finished the game having given up over 300 passing yards and four touchdowns to Joshua Dobbs.

And he finished in the locker room.

But Tabor’s locker room play didn’t come before one embarrassing play he had.

The play of the game to give the Vols the lead was a 67-yard pass from Dobbs to Jauan Jennings. On the play, Jennings faked Tabor out so bad that he fell down.

You had to look hard, but it was clear that Tabor got destroyed on that play. All that talk, and he was embarrassed when the Gators needed him at a pivotal moment.

Of course, Tabor had a lame excuse for it. He retweeted a tweet from Michael Felder of Bleacher Report explaining his embarrassing play.

Yeah, he ‘fell down.’ Is that the new saying for getting juked the heck out? Well, it doesn’t matter.

He finished the game in the locker room. It’s unclear whether or not he was hurt. What is clear is that the humiliation of that play should have been enough to send anybody to the locker room.

Tabor spent the rest of the day tweeting about how thankful and blessed he is for his team. But the fact remains the same.

He talked a big game for a year and failed miserably to back it up. And everybody in Knoxville is laughing as a result.