Check out behind-the-scenes photos of Tennessee Vols sprinter Christian Coleman

Check out behind-the-scenes photos of Tennessee Volunteers track and field star Christian Coleman, who is becoming a new UT legend.

Over the past year, Christian Coleman has begun to rival Vols track and field legend Justin Gatlin in terms of status with the program in Knoxville.

After sweeping the national titles in the 100m and 200m championships, and setting the 100m record time by running it in 9.82 seconds, he has a name on his own. Meanwhile, he was one of the brightest spots of the spring for Tennessee Vols athletics.

Now, Vol_Photos has gone behind the scenes, as Donald Page caught very interesting pics of him, and a story was written by Danielle Whaley to tell the photos’ narratives.

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Coming in black and white, the photos give a mystique feel to Christian Coleman. He made the decision to turn pro recently after just three years with the university. But that decision didn’t come before thanking the Vols and everything the school did for him.

Of course, just last week, Coleman got a reminder of who is still the biggest legend. Justin Gatlin, defying logic, beat him to win the 100m U.S. title.

Remember, Gatlin, at age 34, still nearly beat Usain Bolt last year in the Olympics.

But Coleman is still growing. At his young age, he has a chance to become an Olympic Gold medalist of his own in the future.

And every Vols fan should continue to remember his name into the future. His career may only just be at the beginning.