Conor McGregor, Draymond Green squabble over former Vol C.J. Watson’s Warriors jersey

OAKLAND, CA - DECEMBER 05: C.J. Watson /

Conor McGregor got into an Instagram spat with Draymond Green after he wore former Tennessee Volunteers guard C.J. Watson‘s Golden State Warriors jersey.

Well this got interesting fast. Conor McGregor, who’s clearly out to troll Floyd Mayweather ahead of their fight, brought a former Vols basketball player into the mix. And he fooled Draymond Green in the process.

Green, who currently wears No. 23 for the Warriors, took to Instagram to criticize McGregor while posting a photo of him in a No. 23 Warriors jersey.

"“We rocking with Floyd bro not you… take that off bruh.”"

Only problem with this? It wasn’t Draymond Green’s jersey. This was the jersey of former Tennessee basketball point guard C.J. Watson, who spent his first three years with the Warriors.

Conor McGregor noted that and then owned Green by saying he has no idea who the two-time NBA champion is.

Green followed with a weak response about how he’s a bigger deal in the jersey number now.

This follows an incident in January when McGregor tweeted out another reference to Watson.

This is all rooted in C.J. Watson’s relationship to a Floyd Mayweather domestic violence case that dates back to 2010 between him and his former partner, Josie Harris.

Here’s a description of the involvement, according to USA TODAY.

"Harris says she awoke with Mayweather screaming and grabbing her hair. She says he’d read affectionate text messages between her and NBA basketball player C.J. Watson, described in her book draft as her “summer love.”"

So, accidentally, Green tried to troll McGregor and accidentally trolled Floyd Mayweather. And it brought up one of the most overachieving Vols in Tennessee basketball history in C.J. Watson.

This is all too funny. Also, it makes for a very interesting fight set to come, when McGregor and Mayweather square off in Las Vegas in August.