Tennessee football: Vols DT Kahlil McKenzie shows off weight room results

TAMPA, FL - JANUARY 1: Kahlil McKenzie
TAMPA, FL - JANUARY 1: Kahlil McKenzie /

Tennessee football defensive tackle Kahlil McKenzie is working to live up to his potential. The Volunteers junior gave a sneak preview of that on Wednesday.

Kahlil McKenzie entered the Tennessee football program as a legacy player, following in the footsteps of Reggie and Raleigh McKenzie. He also entered as a five-star defensive tackle.

But through two years, injuries have hampered his ability to reach his full potential.

Now, entering his junior year as a full-time starter at 6’3″ 344 pounds, McKenzie figures to realize his full potential. He’s only started one game so far but has appeared in 20. In practice and at certain points on the field, he has shown what he can do as well.

And it’s time he became the superstar we expected him to be.

Well, he’s off to a strong start ahead of Fall Camp. McKenzie released his workout results on Twitter, and yes, they’re pretty darn impressive.

With those numbers, he’s right. It’s time to put some pads on. Remember, McKenzie missed the spring as he had to recover from an injury last season.

There might not be anybody on the roster more due for a breakout year than this guy. He doesn’t just have a star rating to live up to. He has a family name to live up to.

And with these numbers in the weight room, he’s got raw talent to live up to.