Tennessee football: Incompetence continues to plague Vols’ coaching search

Tennessee football’s coaching search has taken another turn. And a huge level of incompetence continues to plague the Volunteers.

After incompetence and dirty maneuvering almost got Tennessee football stuck with Greg Schiano, John Currie displayed a bit of decency. He targeted Mike Gundy for the Vols, got rejected, and then targeted Jeff Brohm.

Then, it appears, more incompetence once again set in. And it kept the Vols from scoring a huge hire in Brohm.

It seemed like Brohm was coming to Knoxville. Jimmy Hyams reported it on his Twitter account early in the afternoon.

But then came conflicting reports. And by the evening, it seemed to be clear that Tennessee football was NOT going to hire Brohm.

Why? Well, it depends on who you ask. Clay Travis did drop this bombshell on what might have happened.

However, after Travis said that, the school denied it.

Now, you can believe who you would want on this. But I tend to believe Clay Travis here.

Either way, though, by the evening, fans were moving on from Brohm. And it appeared, after that, that Tennessee football decided to target Dave Doeren.


Doeren was just on the hot seat entering this year and saved himself by going 8-4 with a ton of seniors in a rebuilding ACC. But somehow, that’s good enough for Currie and the Tennessee football administration.

Don’t tell me this is because Vols fans protested Greg Schiano. There are 20 better coaches than him that Tennessee could have gotten. Doeren is not one of them.

Mike Leach, Lane Kiffin, Mike Norvell and Tee Martin are all still out there. But Currie and the Vols are going for Doeren.

This is more incompetence, and it’s only getting uglier. The administration fumbled a sure home run hire in Brohm. That was two days after trying to sneak in Schiano. And now, with other great candidates out there, they are turning to DAVE DOEREN????

This is a total disaster. Tennessee football will never be great again until the Vols fire John Currie and Chancellor Davenport and cut ties with the Haslam family. Until those things happen, fans should not give one more dime to the university in any capacity.