Vols mailbag: Quarterback controversy for Jeremy Pruitt?

The Vols travel to play South Carolina on Saturday night. Will Keller Chryst start? Could there be a quarterback controversy for Jeremy Pruitt?

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It’s finally Friday! I think that is something all of us can agree on. Of course, that means, we are only one day away from the Vols taking the field after their 58-21 loss to Alabama.

Tennessee comes into the game as an 8.5 point underdog to a South Carolina team that has only won two games by more than eight points this year. Those two teams were Coastal Carolina and Vanderbilt.

This should be a much closer game than Vegas is predicting. On to the mailbag, but first, we know you all have questions, thoughts, and comments. You’re welcome to send them to [email protected] any day during the week to be answered in the Friday mailbag.

Adam G writes…I don’t usually bet, but I started throwing $20 or so on the safe play of the week. I out the money on Tennessee against Auburn. Should I take the points against South Carolina?

Honestly, if were you I would stay clear of this game. I do think 8.5 points is a little high considering this game has been decided by six points or less since 2012. In fact, last season was the outliner, every other game was decided by three points or less.

Here are a couple of things to keep in mind, Pruitt has said Jarrett Guarantano is good to go but who really knows? The offensive line hasn’t been great this season and now Trey Smith -arguably the Vols best player- is out for the season.

Then there is the fact South Carolina is coming off their bye week. How fair is that? Tennessee has to travel to play a team coming off a bye. Thanks, SEC.

So, If I’m you, I’m taking the 20 a putting it on Penn State -6.5 against Iowa. You’re welcome.

Jack M writes…If Jarrett Guarantano is hurt and Keller Chryst plays well against South Carolina, should he be named the starting quarterback? What do you think Pruitt would do?

This question is going to continue to come now, aren’t they? Chryst threw six good passes and just like normal the backup quarterback is the most beloved player on the team. Look, Chryst looked good when he was in the game.

People forget Alabama was up 28 points when Chryst came in the game. Nick Saban knows they can score 100 points on anyone, so giving up a touchdown or two isn’t a big deal.

However, if Guarantano isn’t 100 percent healthy, you have to start Chryst. If that’s the case, I sit Guarantano for the Charlotte game as well. Let him get healthy and then figure out the starter from there.

Who knows, Guarantano might not even be the starter next season. JT Shrout and Brain Maurer will have a lot to say about the quarterback race. Ultimately, I think Pruitt would go back to Guarantano.

Deon T writes…It’s almost basketball time, and Admiral Scofield and Grant Williams are returning. I know Williams was the SEC Player of the Year last season and the leader of the team, but I’m inclined to think this is Schofield’s team this season. Thoughts?

Ah, great question. It certainly feels different among the players this season. They all get along and have great team chemistry. And, I can see why you feel it’s Schofield’s team. He is senior, has the pro potential this season and came on strong last year.

However, as crazy as this sounds, I think Williams is somehow getting overlooked here. He’s been so consistent for the Vols; we just come to expect 15 points per game. That’s a pretty impressive feat.

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I’m going to give you an answer that you don’t want to hear, but I feel like this year’s basketball team is so close that it’s no one team. Obviously, they will go as far as Schofield and Williams take them, but so many players mean so much to the success of the team. Nonetheless, it should be one of the most exciting seasons in the history of the program.