Tennessee football: Ranking all 9 former Vols in AAF by potential

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With the Alliance of American Football League set to debut, Tennessee football has nine former Volunteers that will be on rosters. Here’s how they rank.

Last Sunday, a former Vol won a Super Bowl championship for the 10th straight season. On Wednesday, Tennessee football signed a group of new players who will look to eventually become former Vols. Now, this weekend, a group of other former Vols will be looking to make their mark on a second chance at a professional career.

With the NFL and college football season over, the Alliance of American Football is set to start. This is the inaugural season for the league, and it’s another attempt to try to compete with the nation’s top football league.

Just as it did with the XFL and in some cases the AFL, Tennessee football has former players looking to make an impact in the AAF. Expect more to come when the XFL comes back next year, but for now, let’s pay attention to the one league that does have former players on Rocky Top.

The Vols are familiar enough with some names in the AAF coaching ranks. Steve Spurrier is going to be head coach of one of the teams, the Orlando Apollos. It’s also worth noting that Hugh Freeze was head coach of the Arizona Hotshots before UT tried to lure him back to college as an offensive coordinator and he then took the head coaching job with the Liberty Flames.

Meanwhile, the nine former Vols in the league are spread out across three different teams. So which of them has the best chance to be successful? Could any of the nine have such a strong showing in the AAF that they get a call in the NFL?

Well, that depends on a few things. One, obviously, is their talent. But the other is their age, which will determine how long they have to be successful or if they even have anything left in the tank. Finally, the roster situation and the scheme of the team they’re on matters. Are they playing for a coach who will maximize their talents? Is there room for them to start?

All of these things will be factors in terms of who has the most success. But which of those players will that be? Let’s break that down here. This is how all nine former Tennessee football players in the AAF rank in terms of their potential.