Tennessee football: Ranking all 9 former Vols in AAF by potential

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If Tennessee football had not dismissed “Pig” Howard before his senior season in 2015, they may have just won the national championship. After all, the Vols lost four games by one possession each, and they were missing a speedy slot receiver for more versatility against the Oklahoma Sooners, Arkansas Razorbacks and Alabama Crimson Tide.

Howard, who led the team in receiving in 2014, would have been a better option than Josh Smith and made the difference. Combine that with halfway decent coaching to beat the Florida Gators, and this team goes undefeated.

Anyway, the 5’8″ 186-pound slot receiver is the perfect guy to sneak in on plays. He would probably do better with another team that opens up the offense, but Mike Singletary will probably still find ways to use him with the Memphis Express. He’s one of two receivers under 6’0″ and the only guy under 5’11” on the offense, while four of seven are 6’2″ or taller.

As a result, Howard provides a dramatic change of pace to throw any defense off-guard. In fact, you could see him on numerous trick plays. The guy is a great weapon to have overall, and the Express are certainly likely to use him wherever they can. Look for him to make a lot of splash plays on the field with the Express.