SEC Power Rankings following Week 13 of 2019: Did red-hot Vols move up?

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See if the Tennessee Volunteers moved up in the Southeastern Conference in our SEC Power Rankings following Week 13 of the 2019 college football season.

There is one week left to go in the season, and the Southeastern Conference championship game is already set. No, Tennessee football is not in it. But the Vols are red-hot, and now we see what type of impact had on them in our SEC Power Rankings.

UT starting 0-2 and moving to 6-5 on a four-game winning streak is the main story to come out of this weekend along with the SEC title game, but a series of upsets also opens up the College Football Playoff opportunities to for the league. Two teams are still a strong possibility, maybe even likely at this point, and now we are looking at possibly three making it.

Yes, that is on the table. But how will it work out? Well, that’s what we’re going to break down in our SEC Power Rankings. The breakdown of where all the teams stand is beginning to settle in, but it could all be thrown for a loop given the final week of games.

What you’ll notice with the rankings this week is, despite little change, some change is guaranteed before the final weekend. That’s because of the nature of the schedules and how teams are looking at this moment.

As always, we place emphasis on recency when it comes to power rankings. Then we look at strength of schedule in that recency, and our final factor is margin of victory. But record, schedule strength and head to head all matter along with margin of victory in slightly less fashion with as we weigh things based on when they happened.

Everybody on Rocky Top is probably the most excited  right now outside of fans of teams in the top portion of the league looking at a playoff spot. But there remains a gigantic gap between the top and bottom teams. Let’s break all of that down here. These are our SEC Power Rankings following Week 13 of the 2019 college football season.

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