Recapping the 2010s decade for Tennessee Vols athletics

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As the 2010-2019 decade for Tennessee Vols athletics draws to a close, we look back on everything related to the Volunteers during this period.

It’s safe to say the Tennessee Vols had a tumultuous decade. From losing their most legendary coach to a tragic illness to firing two coaches due to violations to changing athletic directors four times to fans killing the hire of another coach, things have been brutal.

But through it all, Rocky Top has persevered. They enjoyed some of their best seasons ever in some sports, including men’s basketball, and they enjoyed some memorable wins. Former players continued to shine in the pros of all sports, and there was a lot to be proud of.

Now that we’re in the final month of the decade, it’s time to recap how everything went. This will be your go-to page for the Tennessee Vols and a look back on everything that happened during these years. There were clearly lots of notable developments.

There’s no denying that it wasn’t very pretty. And there is plenty of hope that, finally, stability has arrived. But if this past decade taught UT fans anything, it is that stability is extremely hard to maintain over a period of time.

Still, there have been great games, seasons, moments and players in all the major sports. We can’t just sit here and pretend that those things aren’t worthy of some recognition, and that’s what we’re gong to focus on here.

As we do our decade recap, we’ve separated them into four categories: Football, men’s basketball, women’s basketball and general athletics/other sports. On each page, we’ll provide the link to various stories. If a story has not yet published yet, it will just be in bold with the date it is set to publish in parentheses next to it.

Each story we do will also provide you with a link back to this page to find other things you may be looking for. So let’s get started with a look back on this era of UT history. This is our primer for everything that happened Tennessee Vols related this decade.

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