Tennessee football 2019 recap: Top 10 Vols players of the season

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Key players at numerous positions spurred Tennessee football’s 8-5 record in 2019. Here are our 10 most valuable Volunteers of the year.

It was a surprise year on Rocky Top. Tennessee football went from dead in the water at 0-2 and 1-4 to a surprise 8-5 team that finished just a couple of spots out of the top 25. The rebound in Jeremy Pruitt’s second season was historic.

Closing things out with a Gator Bowl win over the Indiana Hoosiers completed a six-game winning streak to end the year. Lots of players deserve credit for what happened, and just one look at all the different contributors shows how spread out the production was.

Sure, there were a few key players Tennessee football had who stepped up consistently above everybody else throughout the season, but by and large it was a team effort across the board. And that bodes well for the future.

If you want proof of how many people contributed, we gave Smokey Points out to 26 different players for their performances in games throughout this season. There were 21 different players who earned them in wins alone.

But which guys were the most valuable? Well, as we wrap up our 2019 recaps, we’re going to look at exactly that. It’s time to take a step back and remember the players who gave the most for UT throughout the season, in many cases becoming stars in the process.

We’ll look back on our Smokey Points throughout the year as a guide, but consistent performances also matter. After all, some players who may have been players of the game in lots of wins may have earned lots of blame for a few of the losses as well. That has to be taken into account.

Meanwhile, there are some players who never stood out as the top player in a game, but they were consistent all year and never the reason for UT losing or coming close to losing. That also has to count for something. So who exactly are we talking about? Let’s break it down here. These are the top 10 Vols players of Tennessee football’s 2019 season.

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