Tennessee football: Vols top five 2020 National Signing Day targets

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Photo by John Sommers II/Getty Images

With the Super Bowl over, National Signing Day is now the focus of Tennessee football. Here are the top five prospects for the Volunteers.

Things are supposed to slow down after the Super Bowl! Well, that’s not the case for Tennessee football or lots of other programs that have a lot to do with National Signing Day, which usually comes the following Wednesday.

Combine that with the Presidential Primaries beginning Monday night and the State of the Union Tuesday night, and the world of news just doesn’t end. Sticking with National Signing Day, though, Jeremy Pruitt still has a lot of work to do with this team.

Heading into the week, Tennessee football had the No. 11 ranked recruiting class on Rivals with 21 signees overall. They are still targeting guys all over the country, and there are a few they may hope to flip.

Obviously, the transfer of Georgia Bulldogs offensive lineman Cade Mays is a shadow way to dramatically boost this class. But there are other ways to do it too, and plenty of other players are out there.

In Pruitt’s first season, the Early Signing Period was the splash moment for the class while National Signing Day was a letdown. However, last year, the Vols had a huge National Signing Day and a relatively quiet Early Signing Period. This past year, they had another great Early Signing Period. What will that mean for this year’s National Signing Day?

As we get set for the recruiting week, we’re going to take a look at the top players for the Vols to target over the next three days. These players could be committed to another school but not signed. Our criteria for ranking them will combine their talent, the need on Rocky Top and their interest in the program.

All of those things will dictate just how Pruitt spends these final few days, and yes, they matter. Let’s go ahead and break down why here. These are the top five targets for Tennessee football during the week of National Signing Day 2020.

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