Top 10 single seasons by Tennessee football players of all time

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Photo by Joe Murphy/Getty Images

These are the greatest individual performances by Tennessee football Volunteers in a year.

Although it is a team sport, Tennessee football has had lots of standout individuals through the years. Players who have walked through Rocky Top have made names for themselves often times due to legendary seasons.

They may not have all come in the best seasons for the program overall, and they may not have all come from players who turned into superstars. However, they all were impossible to ignore when they happened.

It’s worth noting, though, that many of these great individual years did come in some of Tennessee football’s best seasons from some of the program’s greatest players ever. Their individual performances contributed to what made many of these seasons great.

As a result, they deserve a shoutout here. In this post, we’re going to rank the greatest performances for an entire season by any player in UT history. This takes into account what a player did for one full season, not for a career and not for a game.

Our criteria for this includes what types of records they set and what type of national accolades they earned. This list isn’t going to include our own analysis of a player’s production if the numbers don’t back it up.

One of the things were are going to do, though, is eliminate people who set records based on the rules at the time and the way stats were recorded if they otherwise wouldn’t be on here. For instance, Fuad Reveiz got to kick off a tee, and Andy Spiva played in an era where tackles were loosely awarded. So their stats at kicking and linebacker are less impressive than they look.

We are also not going to use any player on here more than once, although some may have a slight case. Taking that into account, let’s go ahead and break all of this down. These are the 10 best single-season performances by Vols players in Tennessee football history.

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