Tennessee Vols release return-to-campus policy for athletes

Here is a look at the Tennessee Vols’ return policy amidst coronavirus.

From advice on how to handle COVID-19 to measures that will be taken, the Tennessee Vols players, coaches and administrators were sent an update Wednesday on how to handle returning to campus. Athletes will be able to return June 8, the same day set by the SEC.

According to Wes Rucker of GoVols247, details of the policy include what coronavirus is and how athletes can reduce the risk of catching it. Every athlete will undergo two tests upon returning to campus: a nasal swab and antibody blood test to determine if a person has it or if a person has already had it. Each athlete is also going to have to undergo a daily health screen.

Other parts of the release included how athletes who test positive will be isolated and which athletes will arrive and when. Football, basketball and women’s basketball players will be arriving on campus first. The document didn’t state when athletes in other sports would be able to return to campus.

Of course, there could be changes to the policies going forward depending on how things developing. If there’s a second wave, for instance, that may change all of this dramatically. Everybody is obviously hoping that doesn’t happen.

For more information on all of this and other updates on the program, Big Orange Connect was live on the Tennessee Vols Twitter account Wednesday evening, and people can tune in to that. Coaches and administrators spoke about the situation on there.

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We still don’t know how things are going to play out long-term, but it seems like they are at least picking back up, which is great news for Tennessee Vols fans everywhere. Nobody wants to miss out on college football or college basketball this season. As a result, it’s exciting for everybody to be able to see these steps being taken.