Ranking Tennessee football 2020 transfers by potential impact

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How can these four newcomers impact the Tennessee football Volunteers?

Along with a top 10 recruiting class, Tennessee football has also added four transfers for 2020. At least two of them are graduate transfers and will be able to play immediately, while we know that one expects to be able to play pending an eligibility waiver.

Heading into 2020, the Vols already play to rely on lots of other people who were transfers in the past. They include transfers from other FBS programs like starting center Brandon Kennedy, defensive lineman Aubrey Solomon and wide receiver Deangelo Gibbs, and they include junior college transfers such as defensive linemen Emmit Gooden, Darel Middleton and Savion Williams.

These new transfers figure to bring something to the table for Tennessee football, whether it be 2020 or in the future. How much Jeremy Pruitt plans to rely on them, however, remains up in the air for now.

In this post, we’re going to rank the Vols’ four transfers based on their potential impact. This year, there were no junior college transfers added to the class, so these transfers all came from other FBS schools, including three Power Five schools and one SEC school.

We’ll look into their potential in terms of raw talent, the shape of the roster and the position they are going to and the likelihood that they are able to play this year. Yes, the earlier somebody can play, the more likely they are to be able to make an impact.

Pruitt has shown to this point that he will give every transfer a fair shake at playing, but even if they transfer with a lot of hype behind them, they still have to compete for a starting job, and they may not always win it. Let’s break down this year’s newcomers who will be competing for such jobs this year. Here is our ranking of Tennessee football’s four 2020 transfers.

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