Tennessee football: Five Vols with most to lose if year is canceled

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Photo by Ed Zurga/Getty Images

These Tennessee football Volunteers would hurt most if COVID-19 canceled the season.

Lots of debates are raging about coronavirus right now and what the best path forward is. When it comes to Tennessee football and the college football season as a whole, a few major concerns are starting to set in.

With the Big Ten and Pac-12 already postponing their seasons until the spring, the SEC, Big 12 and ACC are in wait and see mode. Scheduling was already affected by the decision, but canceling the season altogether would let down a lot of people.

Whether or not it’s the right decision, it’s clear lots of players want to play, including many on Tennessee football. Many of them have a lot to lose by not playing given all they have gone through to get to this moment.

Let’s be honest. If football is in the spring, many NFL prospects run too much risk by sitting out. Worse yet, canceling the season altogether ruins the chances for many prospects who have waited their turn for this to be the year to show pro scouts what they could do.

That’s a major issue on Rocky Top. In this post, we’re going to rank the Vols who have the most to lose by the year being canceled. These rankings are based what different players have to prove, what their eligibility status is and what level of sacrifice they have made to get to this point.

For the record, since eligibility matters, we’re obviously only going to include fifth-year seniors on here. After all, everybody else has time to prove themselves and can take a redshirt for this season if they choose to.

So which players would take the biggest hit with no season? How would it affect their potential in the NFL? Let’s go ahead and break that down. These are the five Tennessee football players with the most to lose from a canceled season.

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