Tennessee football vs. Kentucky: 10 keys for Vols and Wildcats

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KNOXVILLE, TN – SEPTEMBER 15: A view of the outside of Neyland Stadium before a game between the Florida Gators and Tennessee Volunteers on September 15, 2012 in Knoxville, Tennessee. (Photo by John Sommers II/Getty Images)

These will be the main factors when the Tennessee football Volunteers host UK.

It’s time for Tennessee football to regroup. Everything we thought we knew about the Vols was turned upside down in their 44-21 loss to the Georgia Bulldogs this past weekend. The team’s profile turned on its head.

We don’t mean that it’s shocking they got blown out by UGA. That was always possible. What we mean is that it’s shocking they got blown out by having their biggest strengths through two weeks become their biggest weaknesses.

The same holds true for Tennessee football’s opponent this week. As the Vols get set to host the Kentucky Wildcats, they are welcoming a program that is 1-2 but reversed course on all of its strengths and weaknesses in its first win last week over the Mississippi State Bulldogs.

Taking all of that into account, it becomes difficult for us to analyze what will determine the outcome of the game. Does last week apply or do the two weeks before that apply? Well, we’ll try to include all of that into this one.

Of course, there are a couple of overwhelmingly consistent themes that did still apply to both teams, even last week, and we’ll be able to break those down here. Also, since last week was Kentucky’s first win and the Vols’ first loss, we can now look at the specific changes in play that brought about the changed results.

What’s clear is that this is a crucial game for both teams. After letting one slip away against the Ole Miss Rebels, Kentucky needs this win to get back on track. Meanwhile, the Vols still need to win to continue to be able to run the table.

How will that impact what happens at Neyland Stadium? What will come into play? Let’s go ahead and break all of that down here. These are the 10 keys to the game when Tennessee football hosts the Kentucky Wildcats Saturday.

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