Tennessee football stock report after Week 7 of 2020

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Tennessee quarterback Jarrett Guarantano (2) hands the ball off to Tennessee running back Ty Chandler (8) during a SEC conference football game between the Tennessee Volunteers and the Kentucky Wildcats held at Neyland Stadium in Knoxville, Tenn., on Saturday, October 17, 2020.
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This is what to buy and sell after the Tennessee football Volunteers’ loss to the Kentucky Wildcats.

Is anybody’s stock good? Tennessee football is clearly in a Great Depression right now if it is being measured the way stocks are. Everything has appeared to collapse, and a couple of them collapsed in epic fashion.

A 44-21 loss to the Georgia Bulldogs hinted that certain aspects were being sent into a tailspin. Well, a 34-7 loss to the Kentucky Wildcats confirmed it, and it seems like you would want to sell off all aspects of the program now.

Despite those issues, there are a few small positives regarding Tennessee football right now, and they all deal with one aspect of the game. Almost everything else is at the bottom, and in some cases, they could get worse.

As we get set to bring you our stock report for the 2-2 Vols following such a devastating and embarrassing loss, we’ll discuss which falling stocks could even get worse. Yes, it’s possible that some groups haven’t even hit bottom yet.

However, that also means that you can get a great deal on some aspects, and there are a few stocks to buy. It’s not all bad, but this is pure speculation and requires confidence in the team to not just quit on the season.

Just like we usually do, we’ll list the stocks that are up, the stocks that are down, the stocks to buy and the stocks to sell. And yes, stocks can be individual players, position groups, overall units, specific aspects of position groups or people involved off the field.

Which ones require analysis and projection after this past weekend? What are some of the potential surprises, and where is there room for improvement? Is there any reason for encouragement? Let’s break all of that down here. This is our stock report for Tennessee football following Week 7 of the 2020 season.

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