Tennessee football: Watch Pitt postgame celebrations, including Josh Heupel dance

It’s been a while since Tennessee football was able to legitimately enjoy a huge victory that truly meant something. That’s what happened on Saturday as the Vols beat the Pittsburgh Panthers 34-27 in overtime for their second road win against a ranked team in the Josh Heupel era.

With that win, though, UT is now 2-0 and has a legitimate shot at reaching the top 10 before losing its first game. That combined with the excitement of a win in the northeast with so many Vol fans there unleashed a celebration on Pitt’s home field that you usually don’t see.

Heupel stole the headlines of that celebration, as he was all over the field with his players at the end of the game. Also, he was seen dancing in the locker room afterward. Here’s a look at everything he took part in with Tennessee football’s victory.

Meanwhile, offensive lineman Gerald Mincey, who made headlines against the Ball State Cardinals when he signed a pair of shoes after a touchdown drive, was also seen singing and dancing on the field at the end of the game. Here’s a look at Mincey bringing the energy.

Finally, though, there was a special moment between Pat Narduzzi and Hendon Hooker. Whatever you might think of Narduzzi’s complaining at halftime after the Bru McCoy touchdown, this was a classy moment, and Narduzzi deserves a lot of credit for it.

We should also note the hot mic moment between the game’s broadcasters, Todd Blackledge and Sean McDonough, after it was over. They mentioned that the end meant no storybook ending for Pitt given the loss of offensive coordinator Frank Cignetti Jr.’s father. However, nothing was too revealing in that moment.

In general, the Vols truly did have a thrilling victory, one worth celebrating. Can they turn that into something? They have had coaches dance in the past. Jeremy Pruitt danced in the locker room after the Vols’ 2019 win over the Mississippi State Bulldogs. Butch Jones did it after their 2016 win at the Georgia Bulldogs.

None of this is relevant to what’s happening now, though. At the end of the day, Tennessee football scored its first win over Pitt in history and beat a ranked team in the northeast for the first time since its national championship run in 1998. Of course they should celebrate!