Tennessee Basketball: Will inconsistency hold the Vols back in March?

Tennessee basketball went from beating the No. 1 team in the country to losing by 12 against an unranked team. 

It’s safe to say that Tennessee basketball is quite unpredictable. They can beat anybody in the country but can’t figure out how to win against teams they should beat.

Feb 18, 2023; Lexington, Kentucky, USA; Kentucky Wildcats forward Chris Livingston (24) shoots the ball during the second half against the Tennessee Volunteers at Rupp Arena at Central Bank Center. Mandatory Credit: Jordan Prather-USA TODAY Sports

Tennessee basketball traveled to Rupp Arena and lost 54-66 to the Wildcats on Saturday. The Vols went from being on top of the world, to once again, losing to a far inferior team.

The Vols have been up and down all season. They are currently 20-7, and 6 of the 7 have been unranked teams. The Vols have been up as high as No. 2 but fell off from there as soon as they got ranked that high.

The only ranked team that Tennessee basketball has lost to was at Arizona much earlier in the season. Every other loss was to an inferior, unranked team. If the Vols were consistent all year, they could quite honestly be 26-1 right now. However, these games ultimately don’t matter, it only matters in March.

It’s clear that Tennessee can beat anyone, but they can also lose to anyone. I just wonder what animal is going to show up in the tournament. Will we see the Vols that knocked off the No. 1 ranked Alabama? Or, will we see the Vols that lose to teams they should be beating?