Every Tennessee football top 10 NFL draft pick

Tennessee football has had 14 players enter the NFL Draft and be selected in the top ten, including a Hall of Famer.
2010 NFL Draft Round 1
2010 NFL Draft Round 1 / Jeff Zelevansky/GettyImages
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2010 NFL Draft. Eric Berry. Eric Berry. . . FS. player. 124. Eric Berry (Draft Pick). Round: 1 Pick: 5

Eric Berry spent nine seasons in the NFL, all with the Kansas City Chiefs. He entered the 2010 NFL Draft regarded as the best safety on the board, and the Chiefs wasted no time taking him off the board at No. 5. 

He had a Hall of Fame career but was forced to step away from football after being diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma in 2014. That didn't hold him back when he returned in 2015. Berry Started 15 games and earned his third Pro Bowl selection, second All-Pro team, and Comeback Player of the Year. 

Berry unceremoniously retired from the NFL after the Chiefs released him in 2019 to save some money. He continued to express interest in playing until 2021 but wasn't signed by another franchise, ending his NFL career with the 2018 season being his last.