Every Tennessee football top 10 NFL draft pick

Tennessee football has had 14 players enter the NFL Draft and be selected in the top ten, including a Hall of Famer.
2010 NFL Draft Round 1
2010 NFL Draft Round 1 / Jeff Zelevansky/GettyImages
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. George Cafego. George Cafego (Draft Pick). 1940 Draft. Round: 1 Pick: 1. 32. . George Cafego. QB. player

The oldest draft pick on this list was also the only first overall pick for any Tennessee football player until the 1998 NFL Draft. George Cafego was drafted by the Chicago Cardinals in 1940 but never played for the Cardinals. Instead, he played for the Brooklyn Dodgers, where he had 109 rushing yards and 105 passing yards on the season. 

He then went on to serve in the military during World War 2 before returning to play for the Dodgers and Washington Redskins in 1943. He spent two more seasons with the Boston Yanks as a fullback and quarterback before retiring after the 1945 season. 

Although he had 109 rushing yards as a rookie, he finished his career with only 77 rushing yards after having -51 rushing yards in his final season with Boston. Cafego went on to coach football at Wyoming, Furman, and Arkansas before returning to Tennessee, where he spent the next 30 years on the coaching staff.