Fans react to Tennessee being featured in College Football 25 gameplay trailer

Austin Peay v Tennessee
Austin Peay v Tennessee / Eakin Howard/GettyImages

EA Sports is bringing back college football to the video game market this summer with College Football 25, which will be released on July 19. This will be the first college football game since 2013, and Tennessee and college football fans alike are excited about the highly anticipated release. 

Fans were introduced to new gameplay features on Friday with a new trailer narrated by ESPN's Kirk Herbstreit. Tennessee was featured a handful of times, and we got to see more of how Neyland Stadium, Smokey, and players will look in the new game. 

The gameplay trailer showed how the game will look and feel, as well as new features and updates since the last iteration in 2013. Developers featured Tennessee throughout the trailer in Neyland and on the road against SEC opponents Oklahoma and Georgia. 

We got our first look at Neyland Stadium with gameplay footage, and it almost looks as perfect as it does in person. I have to give EA some credit; it looks like the right shade of orange, and there are even small advertisements on the wall in the endzone. 

Seeing Neyland excited a lot of fans, while others expressed displeasure with EA's display of new quarterback features. In the clip, redshirt freshman quarterback Nico Iamaleava was shown as a player who was not able to shake off Georgia's hostile home crowd and threw an interception. 

This clip sparked instant reactions, with some fans claiming EA is not buying into the Nico hype. Tennessee was on offense on two separate occasions throughout the video and threw an interception in both clips. 

The defense was on the field in one full clip and other "highlight-style" clips. The Tennessee defense gave up a touchdown in one full clip while sacking Oklahoma quarterback Jackson Arnold in the other. 

There was one more notable moment in the trailer involving a Tennessee defensive lineman against Oklahoma. In a tradition unlike any other, it looks like a Tennessee player is being held at the line of scrimmage, and we can only assume that the holding penalty was not called. 

We also saw the menu screen layout and some unofficial team ratings. Tennessee was not featured in this portion, so we don't know its team rating, but we do know the ratings of some Tennessee opponents.

Clemson was the highest-rated team featured, with a 95 overall, Michigan was rated 93 overall, NC State was 90 overall, and Iowa was 85 overall. A handful of other teams were shown in the video, but those are some of the most notable.

Fans will have to wait until July 19 to get a feel for Neyland Stadium and everything College Football 25 will offer. A few new features this game offers that past games didn't are Checker Neyland, pre-game running through the T, and dark mode uniforms, which wasn't around for the last game.