Kansas City Chiefs draft physical corner in Kamal Hadden

Tennessee defensive back Kamal Hadden (5) during a football game between Tennessee and Texas A&M
Tennessee defensive back Kamal Hadden (5) during a football game between Tennessee and Texas A&M / Brianna Paciorka/News Sentinel / USA

Kamal Hadden is the third Tennessee player taken out of this year’s NFL Draft. The Kansas City Chiefs drafted Hadden in the 6th round with the 211th pick. He is the first corner and second player in the secondary taken by the Chiefs in the draft. 

He had a career-high in interceptions and passes defended as a senior in 2023 and took a big step forward in his overall coverage for the Vols. He struggled at times in 2022 but seemed to round out his man and zone coverage skills and was a much better defender as a senior. 

Pro Football Focus loves Hadden, ranking him among the best corners in the SEC and the country in defensive coverage grade with a 90.4 grade, which is good enough for second among SEC corners and fifth in the country. He was also targeted 33 times and gave up only 12 receptions for a 36.4 percentage, which is also among the best in the country. 

What are Chiefs getting in Kamal Hadden?

The Chiefs are getting a physical, underrated corner in Hadden. As with most 6th-round draft picks, he still needs to work on some areas, but he could be a starting corner in the NFL soon. 

He was a lockdown corner for the Vols in his senior season and second year as a starter before suffering a season-ending injury. He’s aggressive and isn’t afraid to get in the face of opposing receivers. He’s also a very proud, stingy corner and did not allow a touchdown catch in 2023. 

If Hadden is developed properly, the Chiefs could have a future starting corner on their hands and a steal late on day three of the 2024 NFL Draft. He has had quite the journey to the NFL and will now have a shot to make an impact in the league.