Tennessee's all-time round-by-round record in the NCAA Tournament

The Tennessee Volunteers will be looking to make a deep tournament run this year from the two-seed in the Midwest region.
Duke v Tennessee
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Tennessee basketball is preparing for its first-round matchup against No. 15 Saint Peter's on Thursday. The Vols will have to bring their best in this year's tournament if they want to go on a deep run and change the way Tennessee is seen throughout March.

The Vols have not had a lot of success in March when it comes to going on deep runs in the NCAA Tournament. Tennessee and Rick Barnes are known for collapsing in March, regardless of the team they bring to the tournament.

They have another great opportunity to extend their season deep into March and early April, but it will take a team effort to overcome the challenges they will face on and off the court. Tennessee will be looking to make its run from the two-seed this year in the Midwest region.

Tennessee has made 25 appearances in the NCAA Tournament, with the 2024 tourney being the Vols' 26th appearance. They made their first appearance in the Big Dance in 1967's tournament, where they advanced to the Sweet Sixteen but were eliminated by Indiana. 

Since then, Tennessee has only made one Elite Eight appearance and zero Final Four and National Championship appearances. Here is Tennessee's all-time round-by-round record in the NCAA Tournament.

Round of 64: 18-7 (.720)

The Vols have won a vast majority of their first-round games in the NCAA Tournament. Tennessee has won its last two first-round games, with its most recent first-round loss coming in 2021. Since Rick Barnes came to Knoxville, that is the only time he and the Vols have lost a first-round matchup. 

Round of 32: 8-9 (.470)

Tennessee's success in the tournament's second round has not been as successful as the first round. The Vols advanced past the second round last year and, under Barnes, have done so twice. Four of their second-round losses have been to one-seeds, while they were the favorites in the other five losses.

Sweet Sixteen: 1-8 (.111)

Tennessee has only advanced past the Sweet Sixteen once in school history. That one win came under Bruce Pearl in the 2010 NCAA Tournament. Barnes is 0-2 in the Sweet Sixteen since coming to Knoxville but has a good opportunity to add a second win to their resume in this year's bracket.

Elite Eight: 0-1 (.000)

Tennessee's lone Elite Eight appearance came in the 2010 NCAA Tournament when the Vols lost 69-70 against Michigan State in a tough battle. Pearl was unable to return to the Elite Eight in his final year in Knoxville, and no coach since has been able to match Pearl's postseason success in 2010.

Final Four & National Championship: No appearances

Tennessee's one Elite Eight appearance ended in a loss, so the Vols have not made an appearance in the Final Four or National Championship game. As the Vols basketball program continues to improve and build on its successes, a Final Four appearance is possible, but some fans and opponents still consider it a long shot.

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The Vols are getting ready to make their debut in the 2024 NCAA tournament. They have another great opportunity to make a deep run, but their failures in March still hang over the program as Barnes continues to try to establish Tennessee as a dominant tournament team in March.