Where does Tennessee football rank in all-time NFL Draft picks?

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Tennessee football has had hundreds of players drafted into the NFL since 1936. This year will be no different, as six former Vols are looking to have their names called in the 2024 NFL Draft. All 32 teams have drafted at least one Vol in their franchise's history. 

The first NFL Draft was held on February 8, 1936, at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The NFL instituted the draft to end bidding wars for top college talent and to create a fair system for the worst teams in the league to draft top players. 

Tennessee had one player drafted in the inaugural draft, Gene Rose, who was drafted by the New York Giants. Since the 1936 draft, Tennessee has had a player drafted in every NFL Draft except for five. The Vols did not have a player drafted in the 2016, 2016, 2015, 1963, and 1938 drafts. 

According to Pro Football Reference, 375 players have been drafted out of Tennessee. That puts Tennessee among the elite college football programs for most all-time draft picks. Coming into the 2024 NFL Draft, Tennessee has the 14th-most all-time NFL draft picks, falling a couple spots in recent years.

Only three college football programs have at least 500 all-time draft picks. Rivals Notre Dame and USC sit at the top of the all-time list, with Ohio State not far behind. Check out the top 15 college football programs with the most all-time NFL Draft picks.

1. Notre Dame - 562

2. USC - 550

3. Ohio State - 508

4. Oklahoma - 440

5. Michigan - 425

6. Alabama - 422

7. Penn State - 408

8. LSU - 407

9. Georgia - 401

10. Florida - 397

11. Nebraska - 390

12. Texas - 383

13. Miami - 380

14. Tennessee - 375

15. Michigan State - 352

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