Oct 5, 2013; Knoxville, TN, USA; Tennessee Volunteers quarterback Justin Worley (14) during the second half against the Georgia Bulldogs at Neyland Stadium. Georgia won in overtime 34 to 31. Mandatory Credit: Randy Sartin-USA TODAY Sports

Vols Switching To Nike In 2015

Thousands of Tennessee Volunteer fans that have loathed Adidas for years, finally received some good news on Friday.


The University of Tennessee confirmed they will be switching from Adidas to Nike, when their contract is up in 2015.

Most Vol fans have been clamoring for this switch for years. It’s quite often a debate among message board users and garners as much attention as coaching changes and actual games.

The Vols revamped their Adidas uniforms prior to the 2013 season, switching to a more updated and sleek look.

The new uniforms added the state logo and also a new smokey gray hue.

I’d expect the Vols to continue with a smokey gray type color with Nike, although they would be wise to nix the gray, considering they went 0-2 when wearing them this past season.

This news will appease those that obsess over uniforms. For the rest of us that just enjoy football, it’ll be business as usual.

Butch Jones put it best when he said “uniforms don’t win football games”.

I couldn’t agree more, coach.


Details of deal.

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  • Bigg Tuck

    I believe it is a wise decision………..

  • rbwusa

    Great comment Zach “they would be wise to nix the gray, considering they went 0-2 when wearing them this past season” Then you quoted from what all us believe including the Coach “uniforms don’t win football games”. I got to say I like the Smokey Uniforms and the Color and with NIKE watch out, when I watched teams I had never seen during the Bowl games I was very impressed with the unique uniforms they had and I hope the Vols change the Old conservative look. It would do us all well.

  • mediumsizedrob

    I can’t believe this was such a point of contention for fans… Who cares what giant corporation makes the jerseys?

    • zach ragan

      It seemed like, to some fans at least, that the jerseys are more important than the on the field product.

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  • http://douglaufferthemasterofelearning.com/ Doug Lauffer

    Thanks for the Follow… when i click, i get an error message for “TopShop”? is this correct?

  • http://douglaufferthemasterofelearning.com/ Doug Lauffer

    Vols Switching? Sounds like a smart Nike idea:).

  • Jack Bower

    Thank you Tennessee for finally switching to NIKE. I have to say this year was about the only year I’ve been happy with Tennessee Adidas football uniforms. With that said as a die hard VOLS fan that bleeds Orange and wears alot of VOLS gear Adidas clothing selection for fans is horrible! It will be so awesome to finally have some nice looking apparel to wear when supporting my team! NIKE gear not only looks better but feels better and often has many more things to choose from. I can’t wait to see what they will come out with. I just hate we have till 2015 to start wearing it. I think Adidas should realize they need to make some changes. They are loosing a bunch of there schools to NIKE & Under Armour. I’m glad Tenn. Went with NIKE over U.A. but I would have been happy with either over Adidas. I think this will help with recruiting also. You got to think these are young kids right out of high school and they wanna look their best. Plus the gear NIKE makes for its athletes is leaps and bounds above Adidas gear. Adidas gear isn’t much better than stiff I wore on my former glory days back in the 90′s.