Tennessee football: 5 UMass Minutemen to watch for vs. Vols

COLUMBIA, SC - OCTOBER 22: Quarterback Andrew Ford
COLUMBIA, SC - OCTOBER 22: Quarterback Andrew Ford /
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 Tennessee football is looking to rebound against Massachusetts after losing to Florida. Here are five Minutemen to watch for against the Volunteers.

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As they still try to recover from what happened against the Gators, Tennessee football has to get right back on its grind for another game this week. Fortunately for the Vols, it comes against a much easier team in the UMass Minutemen.

Of course, we say that with the full knowledge that Florida is not a good team. In fact, they’re a terrible team right now with all the suspensions.

So beating bad teams doesn’t seem to be automatic for Butch Jones at this point. However, UMass is a special kind of bad.

Despite being an FBS team, they’re Indiana State level bad. So if Tennessee football struggles in this game, there’s a serious problem.

UMass does have an ability to stay in games, though, with its pass-heavy offense. So the Vols will need to look beyond just their 0-4 record.

There are key guys they have to watch out for.

And given all their injuries and the Georgia Bulldogs being on the slate next week, Butch Jones needs a sleeper victory. He wants to get his guys as much rest as possible so they can be healthy for when Kirby Smart‘s team comes to town.

If that’s going to happen, Tennessee needs to watch out for some specific players in this game. There are some key guys that could be very dangerous. So let’s break down these players.

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Every team has athletes good enough to turn a game close if things don’t go smoothly. UMass is no different. Here are the five Minutemen to watch for when they face Tennessee football this weekend.