Peyton Manning confirms ‘Peyton’s Places’ Season 2

Tennessee football legend Peyton Manning is staying in the media. The Volunteers quarterback confirmed a second season of his ESPN Plus show.

Ever since COVID-19 brought about a nationwide quarantine, the greatest ambassador ever for Tennessee football has found ways to stay in the news. In fact, Peyton Manning is probably the only retired Hall-of-Fame athlete to make more news has been Michael Jordan with hits “Last Dance” documentary.

However, the four-year retired future NFL Hall-of-Famer is set to team up with Tiger Woods in a charity golf matchup against Tom Brady and Phil Mickelson on Sunday, and he narrated the opening of the NFL Draft. Now he’s announced the release of a second season of his new show.

Yes, Manning released a video that was picked up by ESPN confirming that “Peyton’s Places” would be renewed for a Season Two. He also said that the first season is available for streaming. The video was posted on ESPN’s Twitter account.

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The first season of “Peyton’s Places,” which takes a lighthearted look at places associated with the history of the NFL, first aired on ESPN Plus in July of 2019 and had 30 episodes as part of a celebration of the NFL’s 100-year anniversary. This one is set to air 15 episodes and will run from Thanksgiving through the Super Bowl later this year.

A five-time MVP and two-time Super Bowl champion who comes from football royalty and has a great sense of humor, Peyton Manning was always a great candidate to do a show like this post-retirement. He will actually be eligible for the Hall of Fame in January, which will be in the middle of the second season. That could add a twist to the whole series.

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At some point, Manning should apply this same approach to SEC football, where he and his family are even greater legends and where history is even more valued. Hey, Peyton Manning is the only Manning to actually win an SEC Championship.