Tom Brady trashes Tennessee football, Smokey to Peyton Manning

Tom Brady trolled Peyton Manning about the state of the Tennessee football Volunteers.

As Peyton Manning and Tiger Woods squared off against Tom Brady and Phil Mickelson, Brady decided to cross a line and take a shot at Tennessee football. It all began with a troll job of one of Manning’s head covers.

Brady picked up a Smokey head cover and trolled Manning about it. Obviously, such a cover would be Manning’s given his legendary status as a Vol quarterback. However, Brady then threw it on the ground and pretended like he was about to step on it.

There can be no denying such a sign of disrespect. Anything related to Smokey, the dog who alongside Davy Crockett serves as a Vol mascot, to Vol fans is the equivalent of the American Flag to patriots (not New England Patriots). Here’s a look at Brady trolling the cover.

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The comment that Tennessee football hasn’t been good since Manning left was another troll. However, it was also wrong. Somebody should remind Brady that the Vols won the national title the year after Manning left, which ironically was the same year Brady became the starter with the Michigan Wolverines.

UT does have a connection with Brady beyond Manning in that Tee Martin, who won that title for the Vols, was one of the six quarterbacks drafted ahead of Brady in 2000. However, for Brady to troll Manning about the Vols not being good since he left when their last national title is more recent than Michigan’s and wasn’t shared is a bit rich.

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It’s clear that both legendary quarterbacks have a loyalty to their schools, although Brady probably shouldn’t. He was constantly disrespected by Lloyd Carr, losing the starting job to Brian Griese initially just due to seniority but not getting the seniority edge over Drew Henson despite outperforming him. At least Tennessee football was fair to Manning.