10 Drinks that Would be Perfect Tennessee Vols Cocktails

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Sep 7, 2013; Knoxville, TN, USA; Tennessee Volunteers cheerleaders during Vol Walk prior to the game against the Western Kentucky Hilltoppers at Neyland Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

With college football season just around the corner, we all are ready to start drinking at tailgates. Here are 10 perfect Tennessee Vols cocktails.

Oh, the sweet feeling is in the air. College football season is right around the corner, and the Tennessee Volunteers fan base are more excited than they have been in a long time about this upcoming season.

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But even without that, September is always the best month of the year if you’re a college football fan. Your team has not yet been bad enough to be knocked out of contention for everything. And in addition to the start of football season, which you have been starving for for eight months, you also still get the sunny weather of summer.

That means epic tailgates for teams across the country. Just the excitement of waking up that first Saturday to watch College Gameday can’t be described, even if your team has an easy, boring, no-name tune-up game to open the season.

Because of this excitement that leads to awesome tailgates, we have to prepare you for the best tailgate possible. We will get into food for each week later in the season.

But right now let’s focus on those nice summer cocktails at the start of the season.

Please note that All for Tennessee does not advocate irresponsible drinking. However, we like a few tailgate drinks as much as the next person.

And the university appears to feel the same way after putting Jack Daniels signs on tickets.

So what types of drinks perfectly represent Tennessee? In addition to Jack, there are plenty of routes you can take to make a cocktail that is the perfect representative for the University of Tennessee.

Here are the 10 best mixed drinks that could be signature Tennessee Vols cocktails. And for purposes of allowing you to drink as much of this as you want, we will separate them in parts.

For instance: if a drink is one part Jack Daniels and two parts Orange Soda, that could be the equivalent of a shot of Jack Daniels with two shots of Orange Soda or a cup of Jack Daniels with two cups of Orange Soda. It’s whatever you want.

Just remember, once again, to mix these cocktails responsibly.

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