Vols Football: It’s Went From Bad To Worse On Rocky Top

All of Vol nation knows that things aren’t exactly rosy in Knoxville right now.

The mood could not be worse at UT, between Peyton Manning news from 20 years ago resurfacing and a lawsuit which is being brought forth by eight different women against Tennessee.

On Wednesday, a day after Tennessee’s entire contingent of head coaches held a joint press conference to discuss the culture at the school, news broke that former Vol football player Drae Bowles stated in a sworn affidavit that Butch Jones told him he had “betrayed the team” for helping an alleged rape victim in 2014. 

Bowles did say that Jones apologized a couple of hours later, but at that point, if what Bowles is saying is true, the damage had been done.

I don’t know if Jones said what he allegedly said. Only Bowles and Jones know for sure. But the rest of what Bowles claimed has been admitted to by other players. Curt Maggitt admitted to punching Bowles and Geraldo Orta admitted to confronting Bowles and saying “threatening things”.

If it turns out that Jones called Bowles a traitor for helping a young lady that said she had been sexually assaulted, then he has to go. There’s simply no excuse for those type of actions.

There have certainly been some discrepancies in stories, but I think there’s little doubt that there is indeed a culture problem at Tennessee.

You can talk it up however you want. But when you have players confronting other players over helping a girl that he believed was sexually assaulted, then you’ve got a major problem on your hands that needs to be fixed ASAP.