Tennessee football: 5 overreactions from Vols loss to West Virginia

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Tennessee football
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5. “Tennessee will never win a championship in my lifetime.”

It has been two decades since the Tennessee Vols have won a National Championship. My entire adult life, Tennessee football has basically been awful. Since 2006, the Vols have only had six winning seasons. It has been a mess, and that is putting it nicely.

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After a long offseason, Vols fans were ready for the first game of 2018, and now they are screaming they will never see their team win a National Championship ever again.

Now, I think that is an overreaction based on losing the West Virginia game. The Mountaineers were ranked as the No. 17 team in the nation, and they could end up having one of the best offenses in the NCAA this year. This one loss shouldn’t change anyone’s opinion on the years to come.

Jeremy Pruitt is recruiting at high levels and mainly at positions that hurt UT the most against the Mountaineers. If Butch taught Vol nation anything, it was that stars in the recruiting rankings don’t matter.

So, let Pruitt do his thing and recruit the players he wants. He has a stud-filled class for the 2019 recruiting class. I’m not promising a National Championship. However, Vol fans have to be excited for what the football program will look like under Pruitt.