Tennessee football: Ranking all 9 former Vols in AAF by potential

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One of the hardest working and smartest players Tennessee football ever had, Corey Vereen was always a bit too much of a tweener to be able to play in the NFL. He stepped in for Curt Maggitt as an edge rusher after Maggitt suffered a season-ending injury his senior season in 2015.

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After that, he never looked back and helped Derek Barnett become a superstar by being so effective on the other side. As an edge rusher, he’s likely better fit for the 3-4 system, but even while playing for Dennis Thurman’s 4-3 system with the Memphis Express, he has the talent to be very successful.

At 6’2″ 248 pounds, Vereen would line up at defensive end. Given the fact that the AAF has teams with lesser talent and the fact that most coaches in the league want to spread the defenses out, Vereen doesn’t have to worry about being too small to play that position. Lining up at defensive end is a perfect fit in this league.

The only issue facing Vereen is he’s playing with two other defensive ends from the SEC, but with only three defensive ends on the roster, he’s bound to see a ton of action. And he’s likely to see a ton of success as well.