Florida coaches can’t get Tennessee football out of their heads

Gators coaches keep thinking about the Tennessee football Volunteers.

You honestly have to wonder why the Florida Gators are so obsessed with Tennessee football. They claim it’s no longer a rivalry due to the fact that they have won 14 of the past 15 games, and while they may have a point, their coaches aren’t acting like it. In fact, the program as a whole can’t stop acting like it.

This time, it was linebackers coach Christian Robinson who decided to focus on the Vols. We all know about the Barstool video game story and UT fictional head coach Gus Duggerton. Well, Duggerton had a fictional thrilling win over Florida recently.

In response, Robinson decided to post a video on his Twitter account of last year’s game with Florida dominating. Specifically, he showed Dameon Pierce’s touchdown run to put UF up 31-3. Edited into the video, though, was a clip from the movie “The Break-Up” that clearly takes a shot at Tennessee football’s virtual success.

Seriously, why is Florida so obsessed with the Vols if it’s not a rivalry? This is the third example in less than a month of the Gators needing to find a way to take a shot at Rocky Top on Twitter. It’s kind of odd.

We’ve already talked about Florida Assistant Director of Player Personnel John Herron getting schooled by UT four-star defensive back commitment Kamar Wilcoxson, who once was committed to UF. Our story discussed that and Wilcoxson’s response.

After that, the Gators spent one day in which their official Twitter accounts showed had over a dozen tweets specifically showing highlights from their 2019 win over the Vols. We wrote about that here, as it was a time when all SEC schools were being rattled by their recruiting success.

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Now, assistant coaches are getting in on trolling Tennessee football. It just makes no sense. What it really seems like is that Florida is obsessed with the Vols despite wanting to claim their dominance in the series. Robinson made that clearer than ever.