Report: Multiple Tennessee Vols have post July 4 positive COVID-19 tests

It looks like coronavirus has hit the Tennessee Vols. Multiple Volunteers reportedly have positive tests.

After none of its athletes returning to campus in the month of June had positive tests, COVID-19 has reportedly hit players in the Tennessee football program. In fact, it has hit multiple Tennessee Vols sports now.

According to Brent Hubbs of Volquest, a series of post Fourth of July tests revealed that players across numerous sports have it. Before the holiday, Tennessee basketball had two athletes test positive for it and multiple administrators. Just like men’s basketball and football, Tennessee women’s basketball was allowed to return to campus during this time as well.

The report says that the Tennessee Vols did not test following the holiday weekend, suggesting these tests are much more recent than even that. Austin Price of VolQuest tweeted the new round of positive tests have hit the football program.

Taking all of this into account, we will still have to wait and see what plays out. This news comes a day after the SEC postponed the start of the volleyball, cross country and soccer seasons at least through Aug. 31.

Football is up in the air, but there are obviously lots of questions about that given the Big Ten’s decision, later followed by the Pac-12 and ACC, to cancel non-conference games for this year. Right now, the SEC and Big 12 remain holdouts.

Of course, this was somewhat to be expected once more players began returning to campus. UT avoided the hit that many other schools suffered once players returned, but that didn’t mean it was going to remain that way.

This news surrounding the Tennessee Vols also comes amidst a transition period in the NCAA’s approved college football calendar. Team workouts were allowed to start taking place on Monday, and walkthroughs and team meeting will be allowed in less than two weeks. Practice is still over three weeks away.